In this ultimate beer lover’s guide around Nizhniy Novgorod, we have handpicked the best 10 pubs in the city from traditional Irish and German pubs to new wave craft breweries.


Harat’s Pub

The largest chain of Irish pubs in the world has also found a home in Nizhny Novgorod.  This pub is all about freedom — freedom of choice, freedom in music and freedom to just be you. The bar offers over 50 kinds of beer. Here you will find the rather exotic for Russia Duvel and Guinness brands, as well as a wide range of traditional Irish beer and English ales. The menu offers all the usual suspects — chicken wings, burgers, fries and it’s as good as pub food can get. Live music on weekends draws the high-spirited crowd in for great parties.

 Address: 32 Ulitsa Varvarskaya
 Hours: Mon–Thu 5 PM – 4 AM; Fri–Sat 4 PM – 6 AM; Sun 4 PM – 2 AM


25/29 Corner Pub

A classic beer bar with a traditional pub  atmosphere, European cuisine and a large selection of beer.  They surprise with more than 50 varieties of lagers, porters, ales, and Russian craft beers. Book a table for online broadcasts of football matches and other major sports events.

 Address: 25/29 Ulitsa Alekseevskaya
 Hours: Sun–Thu 12 PM – 12 AM; Fri–Sat 12 PM – 2 AM


Union Jack

Union Jack is what happens when signature Russian fondness for all things posh meets traditional British pub decor. Taking up a two-storey building, Union Jack is comprised of two pubs that can sit up to 180 people, a dance floor, a restaurant area and a summer terrace. Combining the best in British pub hospitality with quirky charm of a nightlife hotspot. This is the perfect place for a large group of friends looking to crush a Guinness or Spitfire, lounge on the summer terrace or hit the dancefloor.

 Address: 150 Ulitsa Maxima Gorkogo  
 Hours: Mon–Thu 12 PM – 2 AM; Fri–Sat 12 PM – 5 AM


Sport Bar

Sport Bar welcomes fans for live broadcasts of sporting events and treats them well with signature European beers, like Belle-Vue Kriek, Klaster Svetle, Maisels Weisse Original, etc. The Chef’s choice of Georgian and Azeri cuisine might seem surprising for a sports bar, but that is until you know that these cuisines have a huge variety of appetizers and starters that go so well with beer, and a signature flavour to barbecues for the main course. Another specialty of this place, that goes so well with beer is crawfish! The best day to come here for crawfish is the seafood Thursday.

 Address: 40/3 Ulitsa Piskunova  
 Hours: Mon–Thu 8 AM – 12 AM; Fri 8 AM – 2 AM; Sat 12 PM – 2 AM; Sun 12 PM – 12 AM


Angliyskoye Posolstvo

Translated as “English Embassy”, this quiet respectable restaurant serves solid English breakfasts and roast beef and steak dinners. Craft beer comes from 14 breweries from all over the world. Service is unhurried but the atmosphere compensates for it.

 Address: 12 Ulitsa Zvezdinka
 Hours: Sun–Thu 8 AM – 12 AM; Fri–Sat 8 AM – 2 AM


Sehr Gut

Here, you will find a microbrewery and a vibrant, German-themed restaurant. The restaurant is made up of 3 levels. The ground floor is decorated to resemble an old Russian tavern, the first floor is where you’ll find the German restaurant, and on the rooftop, you’ll find a German beer garden, open to all in the summer.

The bar offers 4 ales and lagers, including Kölsch, flowing from their brewery as well as imported quality beers. The chef draws inspiration from the flavours of German, Austrian and Russian cuisines.

 Address: 110d Ulitsa Vaneeva
 Hours: Sun–Thu 11 AM – 2 AM; Fri–Sat 11 AM – 3 AM


Pirushka u Hansa

Literally translated as “a feast at Hans’s place”, Pirushka is a very inviting Bavarian restaurant filled with delicious kitchen smells and festive cheers. Their favorite beers are Paulaner, Hofbrau Original, Hacker-Pscorr, and Grotwerg.  Use them to wash down Frankfurt sausages or a Viennese schnitzel.

 Address: 3 Ulitsa Kostina
 Hours: Sun–Wen  12 PM – 12 AM; Thur–Sat 12 PM – 2 AM


Shustry Shmel

Walking into this micropub feels like entering Beervana. This pub offers over 200 types of bottled beers and 12 beers on tap, which you can sip on their terrace 300 meters away from the Kremlin. Shustry Shmel is a must-visit for a craft beer lover. The menu features light snacks only.

 Address: 13 Ulitsa Alekseevskaya
 Hours: Sun–Thu 4 PM – 12 AM; Fri–Sat 4 PM – 2 AM



Hophead positions itself as a beer bar & store for craft beer geeks. The variety of beer offered here constantly changes. There are 8 tap beers and a few dozen bottles to choose from. You can also have your tap beer to go, poured in a plastic bottle.  Another great news is that they always have discounts on different beers till 6 PM.

 Address: 8b Ulitsa Rozhdestvenskaya (enter the courtyard through the archway)
 Hours: 2 PM – 10 PM


Automatic Beer Station

ABS’s coolest feature is the brewery located right there in the restaurant behind a glass wall. They brew 6 types of live unfiltered beer, including green bamboo beer and ginger beer. The menu is built around hot appetizers and BBQ that can be perfectly paired with the amber beverage.

For four consecutive years, ABS has been named Nizny Novgorod’s best beer establishment.

 Address: 25 Ulitsa Bolshaya Pokrovskaya
 Hours: Sun–Thu 12 PM – 12 AM; Fri–Sat 1 PM – 3 AM