Don is the fifth longest river in Europe, and is considered to be one of the oldest; for those Greek history fans who remember river Tanais, that’s what Don was called once upon a time. And surely this mighty river was worthy of a boardwalk since the first time a human being toyed with the idea of sprucing a shore up. The first steps were made in 1860, however, the unfortunate circumstances didn’t allow a real Promenade appear for another hundred years — a string of fires, wars and general instability postponed the establishment of the Don River Promenade until the 1940s.

The grand opening took place in August 1949 and the Promenade was named in honor of Admiral Ushakov. Several years later it was attached to a railway bridge over the Temernik river and a beautiful automobile bridge was built nearby, making the overall view very impressive. In the early 1970s the length of the Promenade grew to 3 km and it has since become the center of social life in Rostov-on-Don — you will hardly ever find it empty. Strolling through the Promenade you can not only admire the stunning natural landscapes, but also take a look at (and a photo of) numerous statues — from classic monuments of people famous throughout Russian history to modern avant-garde installations.

P.S. For the Fifa World Cup the Promenade will become a free Wi-Fi Zone.

  Address: Beregovaya Ulitsa
  Getting there: take marshrutka #38, #42 or #78
  and hop off at Beregovaya Ulitsa station