Over the last decades many Russian cities were designed to implement light rail systems, but Volgograd was one of the pioneers to put it’s fast tram underground, making it a peculiar blend between a tram and metro and a cool way to get around.

The fast tram line runs 17.3 km along the Volga river, stretching from the Volgograd Tractor Factory on the northern end to Elshanka on the southern end of the line.  Near Ploshchad Lenina it dives underground and continues the route underground for 7 kilometers all the way up to the last station, Elshanka. The trams crosses over almost the entire city and has frequent stops, making it a fantastic way to get to know the city — with a dedicated tram rail-line you never have to deal with traffic and since most of the route takes place above ground, the sight-seeing is taken care of as well.

It’s very simple to navigate since it only runs in two directions — northbound and southbound – but to get from one end to the other you’ll have to change trams. And that’s simple too because they have only two routes. Route ST goes from Volgograd Tractor Factory to Ploshchad Chekistov, and route ST2 from the Monolith Stadium to Elshanka. The best station to change trams, should the need arise, is Pionerskaya, which is nestled on a ramp over the Tsaritsa river. The entire ride from end to end is just under 40 mins. The fare is about half a dollar, regardless of the length of the journey. Fares can be paid with cash or by transportation card.

Volgograd Arena, which will host 4 World Cup games, is located in the very middle of the rapid tram line at the Mamaev Kurgan station, and the Metrotram allows you to conveniently get there in no time. When you are in Volgograd, make sure to experience this unique and convenient means of public transportation.