One of the most popular restaurants in the very heart of Moscow run by one of the capital’s key restauran business figures — William Lamberti and chef Ilya Tutenkov. Launched in 2014, today Ugolek has become much more than a restaurant, but rather a gastronomic and lifestyle landmark of Moscow.

The concept of this place is perfectly captured in its slogan — “Rough Food for Gentle People”. The main idea was to offer customers the opportunity to taste food cooked in antique, cast iron stoves. The rest, as they say, is history.

For the self-proclaimed carnivores, this is the place to be — the menu is stocked with all kinds of goodness (counting 80+ items) and the portions are generous! The food here revolves mostly around meat, with own interpretations of the classics and original creations from the legendary chefs. Aside from the deserts and cold starters, everything else is cooked in antique cast iron stoves sourced from the US specifically for this restaurant. The stoves are lit with wood or coal, giving the restaurant its signature smell and inspiring its name — ‘Ugolek’ means coal in Russian.

The wine list is dominated by French wines when it comes to reds and Italian wines when it comes to whites.

The restaurant’s interior is meant to reflect its rustic concept. It is a balanced mix of brutality and elegance, visualised in the form of lightweight fabrics and concrete, subtle lights, and enormous windows, drawing many visitors in to enjoy a good, classic steak.

The prices are slightly higher than average, but for some meals even lower than what you be willing to pay once you have tasted them. Ugolek is never empty and it is definitely a good idea to make a reservation for dinner, especially if it’s a weekend. Upstairs you’ll find the ultra popular Level 2 disco bar, where you can continue your night out. That is what makes Ugolek the ultimate game plan for a lazy bar hopper.

 Menu preview:

Rib eye steak (≈$20)

File minion (≈$12)

Veal tenderloin with broccoli and zucchini (≈$13)

Octopus with baked pepper  (≈$13)Pasta caputti with sugar bone(≈$12)

Grilled risotto (≈$12)

 Hours: 12 PM- 12 AM

Friday and Saturday 12 PM — 2 AM

 Address: 12 Bolshaya Nikitinskaya Ulitsa