This restaurant is the favourite child of one of Moscow’s star chefs from Italy — William Lamberti who wanted his guests to feel at home…and not just any home, but his own, hence the restaurant got the name Uilliam’s.  It has been a super hit among the local foodies for over 6 years now and is showing no signs of getting old whatsoever.

When the restaurant just opened in 2011, William himself and his signature red Molteni kitchen were the heart and soul of the house. Since then William Lamberti has played a role in nearly any significant restaurant’s launch in Moscow and the place is now run by chef Ilya Tyutenkov.

The open kitchen is occupying half of the area, sparkling with copper pots and hanging glass bottles. Nearly everything here is prepared right in front of guests’ eyes, and the small tables sitting close to one another create a feeling of a friendly and cozy Italian community eatery. At the same time, shades of white and ample lighting in the décor make the dining room look bigger. The “terrace” right on the stairs of the restaurant is one of the most sought after spots in the city in the summer.

The menu is divided into main menu, vegetarian and breakfasts (served from 9:00 till noon and boasting 4 pages of breakfast items). Throughout the 6 years of restaurant’s life the menu has kept all of the timeless favourites like the crab bruschetta and chicken soup (probably the most often eaten hangover cure among Moscow party crowd) and introduced new recipes riding the waves of the latest culinary trends.

Behind the sophisticated flair, there’s a heartfelt philosophy that this is not a restaurant, it’s one big kitchen and everything revolves around it and the no-nonsense food that is being cooked. It’s the kind of restaurant you walk into and immediately know you’re in a place where good things happen. That might just be what keeps Uilliam’s on the very top of Moscow’s dining scene for so many years.

  Menu highlights:
Salad of mozzarella with eggplant and parsley sauce ≈8$
  Risotto with tartar from Angus beef ≈10$
  Spaghetti with crab and Bisk sauce ≈13$
  Rigatoni with lentils, foie gras and truffle oil ≈10$
  Okroshka with scallops ≈8$
  Grilled Dorado ≈13$
  Cake with fresh raspberries and pistachio cream ≈ 7$
  Address: 20a Ulitsa Malaya Bronnaya
Mon–Sun 9.30 AM till the last guest leaves