Even if you’ve never been to the UK or Ireland, this is your chance to experience a pub atmosphere here, in the middle of Russia, however with a twist.

Druzya (friends) is relatively new, but already a hot spot in town. It’s a place where a cheerful crowd gets together to drink good beer, hang out and have a great time.

The unspoken motto is simplicity, democracy and comfort. The place looks like an industrial modern loft fused with the traditional decor of an English pub. Brutal brick walls, lounge furniture combined with wooden sitting pieces, a spacious bar area with a comfortable dark wood counter and some punchy street style wall art. The light plays an essential role in zoning the space — accenting the bar and fading off gently around the tables.

The atmosphere is informal and there’s enough room for a large party of sports fans or just friends. Beer is the star of the show — 12 kinds on tap and more than 40 bottled varieties. If you prefer stronger alcohol, you’ll find it too, plus a vast range of snacks to accompany your beer, as well as more substantial meals.

Weekends are party time, of course — get your groove on to some live music or a DJ set.

Whether you’re just dropping in for a pint or looking to party all night long on a weekend — you’re in the right place.

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