Long Bird сoffee shop

Just several years ago, a few people in Volgograd were familiar with the notion of coffee culture. However, the specialty coffee fever is conquering city after city and Volgograd isn’t an exception. Long Bird coffee shop became one of the city’s pioneers in specialty coffee a true ambassador of coffee culture.

The founder, an ex-corporate employee, managed to turn his true passion for coffee (he started with a blog about coffee) into a dream project come true — his very own coffee shop. On New Year‘s Eve Denis Tainitskiy made a wish to open a coffee shop in Volgograd and posted this note on his window, not realizing how fast it would come true. To his own surprise, the project materialized within roughly a month: the barista team came together and the work kicked off.

The coffee shop is housed in Loft 1890, an artsy shared business space which is a major player on the city’s contemporary scene, and a favorite among young and creative crowd. The location is just right to start Volgograd’s specialty coffee movement. At Long Bird, they don’t feel it’s fair to charge more than $3 a cup, although they serve excellent (we mean it) brewed coffee. Roasted beans are stored one month max, because quality is the moto here.

One of Long Bird’s missions is to educate those interested in coffee and inspire those who aren’t yet to get to know the world of coffee better. Skilled baristas will explain literally everything about the coffee they’re making, in the most congenial way possible.

In this coffee shop, all the pieces of the puzzle come together perfectly: historical yet contemporary location, fragrant and flavorful specialty coffee, approachable and passionate people. An absolute must visit!

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