A gourmet gastropub in the very heart of the city, Voronezh was launched by the famous Moscow restaurateur Alexander Rappoport. The interior resembles its Moscow predecessor and is set in the so called «loft, craft and fire department» style and consists of 2 rooms. You will see chains, massive red sofas, industrial-style lighting, a fair amount of greenery. Should you opt for the second floor, you’ll have the pleasant bonus of an open kitchen view.

Meat is the star of the menu in Voronezh. Locally grown marbled beef is transformed into five kinds of burgers, three kinds of steaks and homemade sausages (chicken and lamb sausages are also available). Check out the 9-cm. homemade pastrami sandwich, appropriately named the Skyscraper, with perfectly marinated smoked meat on freshly baked thyme bread, served with homemade mustard and pickles. The meat for the burgers is never frozen, and the hearty cutlets are served on chunky freshly baked buns. Deceivingly simple, the burgers are anything but ordinary.

Voronezh also prides itself in its desserts. There are eight original recipes, like the small pot of orange mousse with chocolate nut filling and caramel ‘earth’, with a chamomile sticking out. The presentation is worth a separate mention. There is also a wide choice of ice cream and sorbets. Drinks wise, aside from tea and coffee, the beverage menu contains lush smoothies, tender milkshakes, freshly squeezed juices and tap beer, but a wine list is supposed to be underway.

  Address: 5A Teatralnyi Pereulok, Bankovsky shopping center
  Hours: 12 PM – 12 AM
  Menu preview: Truffle burger ≈$7
  Pastrami sandwich ≈$11
  Avocado, mango and passionfruit smoothie ≈$7