Eating fast food for $5 is a no brainer, but we won’t, cause we know where to score a real meal, or two for $5. And we will share the intel with you. Check out the list below to know where to find your under $5 decent meals in Sochi.



We said no fast food, but this chain is borderline fast food. We count it in, cause we managed to find a “real food” combo out of the 200+ dishes listed in their massive menu. The set-up is very pleasant too — trendy, cozy and airy, so, yeah we’re convinced we should count it in. Here (≈$5) will stretch as far as a club sandwich and a vegetable salad. As promised, decent two-course meal is delivered.

 Address: 16 Kurortniy Prospect
  Hours: 11–2 AM
  Menu: Club sandwich (≈$3)
  Salad (≈$2)



This place lives up to its name — you can try almost all blini known to humankind. The prices will put a smile on your face, you certainly won’t leave BlinUga hungry. Make sure to try their crazy specialty: the so-called burrito made with blini, sour cream and chicken. Luckily, you can afford it.

  Address: 20 Ulitsa Konstitutcii,
  7 Ulitsa Novaya Zarya
  Hours: 9 AM–10 PM
  Menu: Blini Burrito (≈3$)
  Salad (≈1$)


Pelmennaya “Dyuzhina”

Simply put, pelmeni is the Russian version of dumplings. Better to try once for yourself than to keep hearing about them. Duzhina is just the right place to do it on a tight budget: low prices, gigantic portions and the choice is almost endless. You can have pelmeni for main course and dessert.

  Address: 7 Ulitsa Novaya Zorya
  Hours: 10 AM–10 PM
  Menu: Fish pelmeni (≈3$)
  Apple pelmeni (≈2$)