Whatever city you’re in, breakfast is still the key to your day. And in the summer, the only acceptable seating is outdoors. Here are the 5 places in Rostov that make great breakfast and have outdoor seating, so you can start your day just right.

Signature Italian zest for life is guaranteed with an espresso, scramble con salsiccia (homemade sausages and scrambled eggs) (≈$5) or uova alla fiorentina (filo dough shell filled with spinach, egg and cheese sauce) (≈$5). They also have a lovely terrace!

  Address: 75A Ulitsa Mechnikova
  Hours: daily 10–12 AM

Grand café Rafinad will surprise you with its Southern France country atmosphere and an excellent breakfast line-up. Will you go for the poached egg on a warm croissant with ham and spinach (≈$5), baked cottage cheese pudding with crème fraiche and seasonal berries (≈$6) or rabbit pate on toast (≈$4)? Whatever you choose, it will be all the more enjoyable in their rustic patio surrounded with greenery.

  Address: 151 Pushkinskaya Ulitsa
  Hours: daily 9 AM–11 PM

A cute vintage shabby chic cafe with an open terrace. Stop by for a romantic breakfast in this pastel-colored dollhouse or grab a coffee on the go. The menu is stocked with all kinds of goodness including omelets, grits and delicious baked pastries.

  Average check: ≈$10.
  Address: 21 1st Mayskaya St.
  Hours: daily 9 AM–11 PM


Hlebnaya Lavka

A French-style bakery with a terrace right in the heart of the city offers a hearty breakfast special with a choice of 3 dishes and tea or coffee (≈$10). The menu is extensive and the atmosphere — charming. Effortless perfect start of the day.

  Address: 144 Ulitsa Pushkinskaya
  Hours: daily 9 AM–10 PM

Start your morning off on a high note at the terrace of truly sophisticated fine restaurant that boasts a Michelin-starred French chef. Tender Provence omelet with ham and Emmentaler cheese (≈$5), cream brioche (≈$1) and crêpes Suzette with homemade ice-cream (≈$6) are waiting.

  Address: 25 Pushkinskaya Ulitsa
  Hours: daily 9–12 AM