The local cuisine is built on the foundation of Prussian and German cuisines, to learn more, check our guide to local Kaliningrad cuisine. In this article, we’ve rounded up the 5 places to make dinner reservations in, if you need a break from native gastronomy.


German cuisine at Kaiser Wurst

Housed in the Europe Mall, Kaiser Wurst has a great selection of German and Bavarian beers and traditional sausages, soups, and stews. Things to try are the bratwurst salad (≈$5), Königsberger Klopse (≈$6) and Schweinhaxe (≈$12). Here you will find yourself having a hearty traditional dinner in a relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by live music on Saturdays.

Address: 30 Ulitsa Teatralnaya
Average check: ≈$18

Credit: @Kaiser Wurst


Lithuanian cuisine at Brikas

Lithuanian cuisine isn’t very common to find outside Lithuania. While in neighboring Kaliningrad, take the opportunity to indulge yourself in traditional comfort food: potato pancakes, mushroom soup in a bread bowl (≈$5), all kinds of Baltic sea fish, and zeppelins stuffed with pork or cottage cheese (≈$5). We recommend the Lithuanian cider to quench your thirst.

Address: 30 Ulitsa Teatralnaya
Average check: ≈$18

Credit: @Olya


Italian cuisine at Parmesan

This trattoria offers over 20 kinds of pastas and pizzas since, as you know, one can never have enough of Italy’s gloriously simple and mouthwatering flavors. This place will easily seat a large party for a laid back, wine-warmed dinner. The salmon and cream cheese ravioli (≈$5) and marble beef tagliata (≈$5) are definitely worth your attention.

Address: 18 Ulitsa Karla Marxa
Average check: ≈$20

Credit: @Траттория Пармезан|Калининград


French cuisine at Madame Bouchet

This elegant café in the lighthouse in the Fisherman’s Village is a gastronomic attraction on its own.  Best book a table in advance, this place is popular for its excellent food, a stunning view of the river and a sophisticated ambiance. Bouillabaisse soup (≈$8) and mussels in cream sauce (≈$8) are especially noteworthy.

Address: 2A Ulitsa Oktyabarskaya
Average check: ≈$26

Credit: @"Мадам Буше" Калининград


British pub time in Britannica

This pub proudly offers over 20 varieties of beer, including Newcastle, Guinness, Krombacher, Harp, Grimbergen, to pair with traditional rich and meaty courses. Irish stew in a bread bowl (≈$6) and Sherwood gammon (≈$12) suite ample appetites. Scottish whiskey and 12 y.o. scotch support the strong spirits.

Address: 18 Ulitsa Leonova
Average check: ≈$20

Credit: @Паб Британника | Калининград