Due to a doping controversy, the International Olympic Committee permitted Russian athletes to compete at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, under the designation Olympic Athlete from Russia (OAR) and wear only neutral uniforms that do not contain national symbols and do not use the colors of the national flag.

This week, branding agency DDBV published a facebook page OAR — Olympic Athlete from Russia with a collection of materials for the Russian Olympic team and its supporters, executed within the restrictions placed by the International Olympic Committee.

«Motherland is not limited to the tri-color of the national flag. Motherland is a firm belief in victory and the support of millions in Russia. It is our uncrushable will, national pride and Russian smekalka*». — says the facebook page.

* Smekalka is one of those words that doesn’t have an equivalent in English. It stands for a mix of a sharp mind, creative thinking, on the spot decision making and cleverness.

A series of prints is aimed to give Russian Olympic team supporters the means to encourage and celebrate the team not only in the stadium, but also online.  All the high resolution print files are available on the facebook page free of charge and the agency is encouraging to download these prints and use them for T-shirts, flags, scarfs, stickers, phone cases and even online avatars.

Image source: OAR facebook page