Fan season is about to get into full swing, and now’s a good time to stock up on essential equipment. We’ve got a new instrument for loud cheering fun — wooden spoons! A traditional instrument now used for ethnic Russian music is known as lozhki.

Playing lozhki developed very early in our history, but for 2018 FIFA World Cup they will get an upgrade. Two spoons will be fastened together by a V-holder, and the instrument will now become a symbol of winning, since V stands for victory. The idea belongs to musical instrument craftsman Rustam Nugamov, he is going to launch the production this year, supported by a presidential grant.

Festive by its very nature lozhki also easily fit in any football fan’s pocket. With two wooden spoons in one hand, you can clack them against your knee or the palm of the other hand. On a more advanced level try holding two between the fingers of your left hand, and hold the third one in your right hand, hit the first two spoons with the third one to play whap-whock-clack polyrhythms.

Sports fans from around the world will love these brightly painted noisemakers, packaged in pairs for easy distribution. Clack through it — it will make you feel the rhythm of the game. And after your bustling stadium time use them to eat borscht!