While even Russian tourists usually associate yachting with the need to travel abroad, the river Volga is a perfect place for engaging in this inspiring, fun and relaxing activity. The Volga can be up to 15 kilometers wide, and with an average depth of 9 meters and 46 at the fairway, it makes it easy for any yacht to approach virtually any river bank in the Volgograd region. There are neither river shoals nor ledges, and no limitations on the mast height. The wild, picturesque right Volga bank is only accessible for tourists by river, due to the presence of numerous ravines.

Credit: @игорь растоскуев
Credit: @Роман Ослябя

You do not need your own yacht to enjoy what the river Volga has to offer. You can also join a very experienced team of yachting professionals on a cruise down this great river.