Getting around in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg, the capital of South Ural, is the fourth largest city in Russia in terms of population. Placed on the border between Europe and Asia, it’s a busy city with a well-developed infrastructure. In this article we will take you through it to help you navigate the city.

Koltsovo Airport

Koltsovo is one of the largest airports in Russia. Located 15 km south-east of the city (6 Ulitsa Sputnikov), it’s an international traffic hub consisting of three terminals: Terminal A (domestic), Terminal B (international) and the VIP Terminal. The major motorway M5 is situated close to the airport.

Transportation options

Express Koltsovo

The express high-speed train runs between the Yekaterinburg Railway Terminal and Koltsovo Airport. It’s a convenient and affordable means of transportation, the only downside is that the trains run only four times a day. The exit to the Aeroexpress stop is located between terminals A and B.

Best for: individual tourists with little luggage; families with children (aged 5 and more), senior tourists
Timetable: 5:55 AM — 8:47 PM (4 times a day – check the timetable before your arrival at
Cost: less than $1
Waiting time: 3 hours and more
Travel time: 40 min
Arrival to: Yekaterinburg Railway Terminal


One of Yekaterinburg’s bus terminals, located right next to the airport, provides bus transportation to downtown Yekaterinburg. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket office in Terminal A.

Best for: individual tourists with little luggage; thrifty tourists with extra time to spare
Route: #1 (81)
Timetable: 06:08 AM — 11:41 PM
Cost: less than $1
Waiting time: 15 min
Travel time: 65 min
Arrival to: Yekaterinburg Railway Terminal (Yekaterinburg Passazhirskiy)

Minibus (marshrutka)

The stop for fixed-route minibuses is located opposite the airport building. Minibuses operate around the clock, but after 10 PM the waiting time increases from 30 minutes to 1 hour. To get to the airport from the city, take marshrutka #26 (from Ploshchad 1905 Goda); marshrutka #39 (from the circus at Geologicheskaya metro station).

Best for: single tourists, couples without children; families with children over the age of 6; tourists arriving at nighttime

Taxi and transfer

The center of Yekaterinburg can be reached by taxi in 20-25 minutes. Taxis can be found in the parking lot opposite the airport exit. The transfer is available through many online services.

Best for: families with little children, first-time visitors and unexperienced tourists, disabled people, senior tourists, tourists with a lot of luggage or those who arrive at nighttime
Timetable: 24/7
Cost: $7-$20 (depending on the season and taxi company)
Waiting time: 5 – 10 min (if looking for a taxi on the spot)
Travel time: 25 min
Arrival to: any given address downtown

Railway Station

The Yekaterinburg Railway Station is located about 2.5km north of the city center (22 Vokzalnaya Ulitsa). A bustling, almost always crowded railway Station, it is equipped with all the necessary facilities. It’s a busy connecting point between major Russian cities and a significant stop on the route of Trans-Siberian railway.

Bus Stations

Yekaterinburg has two main bus terminals – Northern (15a Vokzalnaya Ulitsa, just near the Railway Terminal) and Southern (145 Ulitsa 8 Marta). Both stations are pretty basic, with little extra services: the Northern bus station has an ATM, a cafe, and a few shops, while the Southern one has a cafe. There is also a bus station near the airport, which has buses to downtown Yekaterinburg and neighboring towns and cities. Inter-city buses will stop at both, but there is no clear separation of the places each bus station services, so you’re likely to find your destination at either one.

Route: #01
Timetable: 24/7
Cost: $2
Waiting time: 30 min (6 AM — 10 PM); 1 hour (10 PM — 6 AM)
Travel time: 40-60 min
Arrival to: Yekaterinburg Railway Terminal

In the city

Yekaterinburg has almost all types of urban public transport: metro, buses, trolley buses, trams, fixed-route minibuses, and city electric trains.


Yekaterinburg metro, operating since 1991, is the 6th largest in Russia and includes 9 stations. Ploshchad 1905 Goda Station is the closest to the Yekaterinburg Arena, located 1.5 km away, or 3-4 stops by bus, trolleybus or minibus. Uralskaya station is the nearest to the Railway Terminal and the Northern Bus Terminal, while Chkalovskaya Station is located directly next to the Southern Bus Terminal.

Cost: ≈$0.5
Timetable: 6 AM – 12 AM
Tickets: available at metro station ticket offices or self-serve terminals (cash only); can also be paid by transport cards (E-card)

Buses, trolleys, tram, fixed-route minibuses

The central part Yekaterinburg has almost all types of transport, while the outskirts (e.g. the airport) are covered by buses and minibuses only.

Cost: ≈$0.5
Timetable: 6 AM – 12 AM
Tickets: via cash to the driver/fare collector; via a travel card (E-card) (on buses, trolleybuses, and trams). To see the complete map of city transport routes, go to or use Yandex.Transport smartphone app

Electric trains (s-bahn)

Yekaterinburg has a developed system of electric trains, running particularly well in the northern and eastern parts of the city, to the suburbs and remote city destinations (e.g. the airport).

Cost: ≈$0.5-1 depending on the distance covered
Tickets: available at the station ticket offices, self-serve terminals, and the fare collector on the train (cash only)
Timetable: can be viewed via Yandex.Elektrichki smartphone app

E-card (Yekaterinburg electronic travel card)

It’s a travel card used to pay metro, bus, tram and trolleybus fares in Yekaterinburg, offering some discount (depending on the rate plan) and sparing time and need to spend cash on every trip. Visitors may also purchase a travel card with the E-wallet rate plan, add money to the e-wallet and pay ≈$0.4 per ride.

Cost: ≈$1
Rate plans: 20 rides for ≈$8; 3 days with unlimited rides for ≈$6; E-wallet rate plan etc.
Available at: Metro stations, Rospechat newsstands, post offices, Frizbi payment stations, Mobilniye Gorodskiye Platezhi payment terminals, and some public transport stops.


Cars and bicycles are available for rent at various Yekaterinburg companies, many of them found online. Cars can be rented right at the airport or downtown, with prices starting from ≈$15-20 per day.

A bicycle will cost ≈$8-10 per day. Perhaps not the best alternative to public transport, a bicycle is a good choice for travelling to the city parks, some central streets, and the sprawling woodland parks in the outskirts.

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