5 peculiar attractions in Yekaterinburg

Yet another Russian capital after Moscow and Saint Petersburg (how many are there anyway?), this time in the Urals, didn’t get this title by chance. One of the largest industrial and cultural cities in Russia has got many surprises to offer. After strolling around the city and enjoying popular sights, find time for some of its picturesque, bizarre and original spots.

Sky deck

Don’t miss the chance to get a bird’s-eye view of the city. On a good weather day, you can see as far as 25 km. from the sky deck. The place might be a bit windy, yet the view is definitely romantic and breath-taking. When you are on the deck, which is 19 floors up by elevator and two more on shank’s pony, don’t forget to check out a little sculpture of a cat. Locals say it brings good luck if you hold it by the head, make a wish and throw a coin through cat’s mouth. Might work, who knows.


51, Ulitsa Malysheva(Vysotsky Business Center)

Mirror courtyard

A playful and inimitable attraction is part of the local design project. This courtyard is decorated with graffiti and peculiar objects — a suit hanging on a rope, a birdhouse, and a carpet. Everything is so realistic that you will hardly believe the objects are made of little mirrors. A visual story of the courtyard life, appreciated by both locals and numerous tourists of the city.

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“Tyorka” monument

An April Fools’ Day joke, this 150 kg monument to a kitchen grater (in Russian “tyorka”) is a fancy of local designers. The plan was to create a meeting point where people would come to have “tyorki” (in Russian slang — a heated dispute or an argument) with their opponents and discuss their issue in an appeasing, open-air atmosphere.


44, Ulitsa Malysheva (corner of Ulitsa Malysheva & Ulitsa 8 Marta)

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Mood barometer

The future is here. If, for now, you can’t read what people think, at least you can find out what they feel like. This smart monument is equipped with a software analyzing thousands of everyday messages, statuses and comments in social networks and local users’ blogs (public, or course) and evaluates whether they are negative or positive. If the city is in a good mood today, the barometer lamps turn yellow and green, if not, the lights are down to bottom red zone. The information is updated every hour. So, Big Brother is watching you, after all.

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