Location wise, it’s literally a hole in the wall – this non-trivial restaurant opened in the historic arch between houses 26 and 28 on Lenina Prospect, right between the Polzunov College and the Conservatory. It’s a small street restaurant with a non-existent address that seems to have grown out of nowhere and the entrance to 26/28 organically blends into the overall architecture of the city. You can thank us later for telling you about it.

The restaurant belongs to Vladimir Olkinitsky, a chef known for his deep knowledge of specifically Ural cuisine. He hired a team of designers to give this pop-up restaurant an authentic street look. They preserved the building’s original walls, grew some moss here and there on them, added a few decorative industrial pipes and some vegetation, and an original artwork popping with colors on one of the walls, as final touch.

Being a pop-up restaurant, the menu here is constantly changing – something the loyal guests closely follow on social media. As the restaurant’s chef and owner Vladimir Olkinitsky puts it: ‘Our main idea is to bring out the taste of the product the way nature intended it’. Some unusual healthy recipes can be found on the menu, like spelt wheat eclairs with wild mushroom cream, or plant roots served as a side dish. The restaurant’s team even arranged a little farm in the backyard to grow nasturtium and other greenery to decorate the dishes. Apart from the healthy-ish creations, one can always find the usual suspects like burgers with onion rings or French fries (≈$4) or chicken leg quarter wrap (≈$5), and classic staples like ribeye (≈$7) or beef stroganoff (≈$4).

26/28 is also famed for its bizarre cocktails. If you want to leave your mark, make sure you order the house special ‘bourbon and polaroid’. It’s a whiskey-sour, which comes with sea-buckthorn puree and smoking rosemary – all calling for an instant photo of the cocktail with whoever ordered it, hence the name of this mix. Some other drinks to try are the Ural-style negroni with a beetroot puree and a warm cocktail based on Becherov with cone jam.

The passionate team goes far beyond just casual dining, regularly hosting master classes, lectures, secret brunches and dinner parties, music gatherings and tastings.

Address: 26/28 Lenina Prospect
Hours: 12 PM–12 AM

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