What might seem very controversial at first — East meets West in one space, stands true to Ekaterinburg, where Asia indeed meets Europe. The concept of Cibo Kaori is inspired by the city itself and its unique geographic location.

In Italian, ‘Cibo’ means ‘a person enjoying a good meal’ and stands for the Italian side of this fusion restaurant. Here they take great pride in their innovative meals of modern Italian cuisine, meticulously cooked in an enchanting setting.

The menu in ‘Cibo’ turns out to be a real discovery where classic Italian staples find themselves right next to original and even extravagant creations. On the adventurous side of the menu, try their signature beef tartare with some caramel, yolk confit, and a bone marrow — colourful and delicious. On the conservative side, the risotto with 3 kinds of mushrooms and truffle pesto — they make it just perfect, al-dente enough and creamy enough for a perfect balance of textures. They also make some extra effort with the food presentation, which is always appreciated in this instagram day and age.

‘Kaori” is translated as tempting aroma of spices or something very delicious and reflects the Asian side. When it comes to ‘Kaori’ side, try the dim-sums and wontons — nothing revolutionary in the starters area, then go for the crispy rice with shrimps, maracuja and goji berries to try the specials.

The interior is equally worthy your social media captures: modern wooden furniture, warm brickwork, dull colours spiced up with some light accents. Rather small, this place creates a cozy, intimate atmosphere and makes it all about the food and the conversations.

What’s special about Cibo Kaori is that while being stylish, yet cozy it also allows you to embark on a gastronomic journey to the East and West at the same time, and actually really enjoy it.


12, Pushkina Ulitsa


Tue-Sat: 12 PM — 12 AM
Sun: 13 PM — 20 PM


Beef tartar with caramel ≈$8
Tagliatelle ‘a la Carbonara’ ≈$10
Risotto ≈$10

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