Crabs, critters and some wine in Yekaterinburg

If you’ve always dreamt about visiting a restaurant where they serve seafood with a humor dressing — you are welcome in “Crabs, Critters and some Wine” in Yekaterinburg.

This unusual name was chosen by its creative owners by no accident. Imagine: you have a popular bar. You turn it to a seafood restaurant. How will your barflies call you? Yeap, you got it. “We are critters who cook critters” — newfound restaurateurs are saying.

Anyway, the restaurant turned out to be amazing. An elaborate marine design, a friendly atmosphere, delicious smells — everything to make you feel on the sea shore!


23, Chochryakova Ulitsa, Yekaterinburg


12 AM–12 PM


Grilled fish stakes (5$),
Shrimp cheaps (3,5$),
Catfish cakes (7$)

The menu won’t disappoint you neither. The choice is vast but top 3 must-tries from Crabs, Clitters and Some Wine are mussels with blue cheese (7$), smoked shrimps on ice (12$) and oysters from all around the world (only 2$ a piece!). Don’t forget about restaurant’s wine collection — more than 30 kinds of wine are waiting for real devotees!

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